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How do I verify with Holonym to receive a Gitcoin Stamp?
  1. Connect your wallet to https://app.holonym.id on Optimism Mainnet. It’s best to use a wallet with minimal history or that hasn’t been doxxed before for maximal privacy.

  2. Follow the flow to verify your Government ID with phone number. https://app.holonym.id/issuance/idgov

  3. You need to have at least 0.0051 eth on optimism account for minting NFT. (You can bridge funds from ethereum at link)

  4. Mint your ZK SBT proof of uniqueness with government ID: https://app.holonym.id/prove/uniqueness

  5. Go to https://passport.gitcoin.co, find Holonym in the list and connect your wallet to receive your stamp

What is ZK KYC? How is it different from KYC?

When most people hear KYC, they think “loss of privacy”, “centralization”, and “getting doxxed”. Holonym uses “Zero Knowledge” KYC that prevents any identity authority or third party (including us) from linking your credentials with your wallet address.

This means that even if a third party KYC provider snoops on your data, there is no way to know which person you are on-chain.

What can I use to verify my identity for proof of uniqueness?

You can verify with any of the following standard un-expired and valid physical documents that match your identity:

  • passport

  • driver's license

  • national ID

  • residence card

We also have expanded support for less common identity cards to meet the communities needs such as:

  • Provisional driver's licenses

  • India PAN cards

  • India Local ID cards

  • Russian internal passport

  • Nigeria voter cards

  • USA passport card

  • Swedish Identitetskort

  • Spain ID

We do not support docs that have high likelihood of forgery such as:

  • "Federal Limits Apply" US IDs

  • Italian Refugee Cards

  • Italian Paper ID cards

  • Student ID cards

My govID verification failed!

If you have tried to verify your government ID but failed please make sure of the following:

  1. You are scanning a physical copy of your document. Do not pull up your ID on a computer screen and try to verify it that way.

  2. Make sure the picture in your ID looks like you. Do not use IDs that have expired or are more than 10 years old.

  3. Your document has not been tampered with, does not show signs of wear, and is clearly readable.

  4. If you are verifying with Veriff and are using a VPN, please make sure that your phone is also on a VPN from the same country as your computer. If this is an issue and you cannot turn off the VPN, please use a different identity provider (Onifido or Idenfy)

If the above don’t apply, please try verifying with a different provider

Veriff: https://app.holonym.id/issuance/idgov?provider=veriff

Veriff is the default for countries that do not have latin script IDs. Veriff accepts driver’s licenses, passports, and national ID cards.

Idenfy: https://app.holonym.id/issuance/idgov?provider=idenfy

Idenfy is the default for countries that do not use latin script IDs (Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, etc.). Idenfy accepts a wider range of documents than Veriff but takes longer to complete.

Onifido: https://app.holonym.id/issuance/idgov?provider=onifido

Onifdo is a good backup for all other documents // countries.

My govID verification said “Success” but when I try to prove I get an “error UUID” message.

This message appears when our server detects a user session attempting to verify more than once. To solve this issue you can try:

  1. Waiting 15m! This error usually occurs before our servers have had a chance to sync with on-chain data. Sometimes verification takes 10-15 minutes to manually verify (when automated authentication fails). You can go to https://app.holonym.id/profile and see the status of the authentication there.

  2. In rare cases, your network connection drops, or your UUID hash collides with someone that has the same name and dob, then we must manually reset your account. Please #submit-ticket in order to do so

I successfully minted the SBT but I do not see my NFT in my account!

The Holonym SBT is actually a separate contract from the ERC-721 standard NFT that appears in your wallet. If you are able to successfully mint the SBT NFT, then you should be able to receive your Holonym Gitcoin Passport stamp, even if the ERC-721 doesn’t appear. The main reason the ERC-721 does not appear is because the NFT-minter is rate limited or has temporarily gone down because of an error (usually related to user nonce). We are working on decentralizing the NFT minter and welcome contributions on this.

My phone number did not verify! Now I am getting a UUID error.

We employ a strict filter for phone numbers so that users cannot spin up multiple burner phones from different wallets to break sybil resistance. This means that you must have a phone number with a sufficient history belonging to one person, or else your phone number will not pass verification.

If you are still having issues:

  1. Make sure you are correctly entering the SMS verification code. If you enter it incorrectly you will receive an error message and the team will have to manually reset your UUID

  2. If you’re not getting text messages at all, please create a ticket and let us know what country you are trying to verify from.

I successfully verified but now my screen is stuck at “Adding Leaf to Merkle Tree”

This step involves encrypting your Verified Credential as a “Leaf” to be added to the anonymity set. There are a few reasons why your verification may get stuck at this point:

  1. You attempt to submit a transaction within the same block as someone else. Currently, we can only add one leaf per block. Wait ~15 minutes, if the leaf still hasn’t been added, you can refresh your screen and try again. If you get a UUID error, create a ticket and tell the support team exactly what happened.

  2. To add your leaf to the Merkle Tree, your computer needs to perform some pretty CPU and RAM intensive calculations. These calculations become more intensive as more leaves are added to the tree. We are working to improve this, but in the meanwhile please make sure to exit all other tabs, browser windows, and applications. You can also use a memory efficient browser like Microsoft Edge if you are still having problems. You can find the root of the Merkle Tree on-chain here. More information about what data is stored in the leaf can be found on our docs.

I successfully verified but I am not able to click the “Mint” button.

This occurs because you do not have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the mint and gas fees. Please load your wallet with at least 0.0051 ETH and try again.

I successfully verified and clicked “Mint” but now my screen is stuck at “Proof Loading!”

You’re almost at the end here! This step involves CPU/RAM intensive calculations and so will hang if you do not have enough resources. To fix this issue:

  • Make sure to exit all other tabs, browser windows, and applications. You can also use a memory efficient browser like Microsoft Edge if you are still having problems.

Where can I find the proof contracts?

You can find a complete list of ZK-SBT contracts supported by Holonym here: https://github.com/holonym-foundation/holonym-relayer/blob/main/constants/contract-addresses.json Just go to https://optimistic.etherscan.io/ and search the contract address to see more information.

I minted my ZK SBT to the wrong address! Can I transfer it?

It is not possible to transfer SBTs at this time because it breaks Sybil Defense with the current implementation.

How does Holonym guarantee privacy for me?

Holonym is designed to minimize any chance of data leakage. For any form of document-based verification, some agent has to assess a document and check it against a large centralized database. Almost all KYC providers in Web3 keep a centralized database that can be linked to an individual wallet address (see FTX disclosure). Holonym allows users to prove on-chain facts about themselves while making it highly difficult, near impossible, to link a real world document to an on-chain identity. Not even we can link your data to your wallet.

How is this possible?

  1. During verification, all data is sent over an encrypted channel to a third party credential issuer.

  2. We request deletion of the data by the third party as soon as it is successfully verified and handed back to the user. In the event document is not successfully verified, the record is logged and kept for 5 days to help users debug why their verification failed. It is deleted after the 5 day period.

  3. We use a nullifier scheme to make it nearly impossible for the third party issuer to track the user after they verify them. This means that the user encrypts the cryptographically signed credential with a secret only they know after receiving it from the identity issuer.

  4. We use a relayer to add a user’s leaf to the Merkle Tree so the verified credentials (VCs) can’t be linked to an on-chain address. The Merkle Tree is an identity mixer, or anonymity set, that the user can prove set membership and knowledge of specific attributes about from a pseudonymous ethereum address.

  5. The user’s identity data is stored on the user’s local device. All ZK proofs on identity are computed on the client side, not our server.

  6. We keep an encrypted backup of user data in the event that the user clears their cookies, local storage, or switched devices. The data is encrypted with the user’s ethereum key and can be requested to be deleted at any time by contacting the team.

  7. Users can increase their privacy by using:

    -- a VPN network (be careful to use the same country when verifying)

    -- a privacy preserving browser like Tor -- waiting some period of time after adding their leaf to the merkle tree before minting their SBT

How do I unlock a role in Discord?

Simple, just make sure you’ve minted the NFT. You can confirm it is in your account by logging into Open Sea (https://opensea.io/account/private). Next use the collabland bot in the verify-holo channel to connect your wallet.

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