How to Verify ePassport

Verify your ePassport using Holonym's Private Passport Verifier to increase your Sybil resistance score. Verification is free.

  1. Click the "ePassport" card.

  2. Follow the steps to download the Private Passport Verifier mobile app.

  3. Open the Private Passport Verifier app. Follow the steps to enter your information. Then scan your NFC passport.

  4. After scanning, you will be redirected to

  5. At this page, a zero-knowledge proof is generated. This zero knowledge proof conceals your private information while proving that you are a unique person.

  6. Enter your wallet address. Click submit. When you click submit, your address will receive a soul-bound token (SBT) attesting to your uniqueness. Note that you can only receive one SBT per NFC passport.

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