User Flow

How users see Holonym

The user flow of Holonym is broken into two parts: issuance of credentials and proving facts about credentials. Users get credentials by showing identity documents and by verifying their phone numbers. They can then prove any facts about their credentials, e.g. they are a US resident or are older than 18.


In the issuance page, a user scans the QR code to begin photographing the relevant identity documents.


In the proof menu, a user can select which proofs to make.

Convenience vs. Privacy If users trust the KYC provider to not track their wallet, they need not wait before proving any facts about their credentials. However, if users want a cryptographic guarantee the KYC provider cannot not track them, they can wait days or even weeks before proving anything about their credentials. This is the same mechanism of Tornado Cash or ZCash; more privacy is attained by waiting longer.

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