Using with NEAR

  1. Visit if you have an already-funded wallet you would like to use to pay fees on Aurora, Ethereum, Optimism, Avalanche, or Fantom.

  2. Visit if you do not already have a funded wallet on these chains or want to use the Silk wallet for other reasons.

  3. Follow the steps to get the proof of unique government ID or phone.

  4. When you prove, enter your NEAR account ID that you want the uniqueness proof to be publicly linked to

Now you're done! have obtained the uniqueness proof for the NEAR SBT and can use it with sites like to prove you are a unique person!

For high privacy, you can connect and pay with a different wallet address different than the one you want the proof-of-uniqueness linked to. You may also delay between paying and proving to prevent timing information from linking your ID to your wallet address. If you do so, even in the case of a malicious KYC provider your address with the uniqueness proof can't be linked to your identity.

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